Tuesday, January 24, 2017

You Are A Champion In Training...

The word "champion" has a certain ring to it. Often times we view champions as people who win titles, races, tournaments, etc.

I think it is a little more than that though...

"Champion" is an attitude, a state of mind.

It is the delicate balance of training, nutrition, and an A+ mental game.

Champions are made in the mind and enhanced in the gym.

Champions definitely put the time in.

Champions definitely want results from their hard work.

Champions expect hurdles.

Champions are masters at hurdle jumping.

Champions are always in training...seeking the delicate balance.


Take a minute and think about it.

You are a champion in training.

Below are some tips to keep you going...

Train Outside The Box.
Find a baseline method for your lifestyle, but do include a variety of methods to beat the boredom and to fight off overtraining and overuse. Consider methods like metabolic training, boxing, and Pilates to name a few.

The type of training you do will dictate your nutrition plan. Consider supplementation to fill in the gaps when the days are long with work and training.
Mental Preparation & Motivation.
Your plain and simple mantra is to be better. Improve yourself in all areas of life. Be a better version of yesterday. Outperform your past self and help other people do the same.
Live well.

You are a champion in training...

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