Tuesday, January 24, 2017

3 Tasks To Amp Up Your Sweat Sessions...

In fitness, just like about anything where massive energy is required it is all about keeping it simple. I use the word task here instead of the word way because task puts action into it. Actions (even in-actions) create outcomes.

Use these 3 tasks to amp up your fitness:

1. Shorten your sweat sessions. Less is more. You have heard this a lot I am sure. People are spending way too much time (time many struggle to prioritize) being ineffective in the sweat box. 30 minutes will do the trick if structured correctly.

2. Clean up your meals. You hear this all the time too. Notice I avoided the word diet. Diets are temporary, short- term, and most of them are fad-driven. You are what and when you eat. As a general rule, shoot for 3-5 conscious meals plus 2-3 small snacks when needed. Be sure and seek help to get a true count on your exercise-centric caloric needs.

3. Clear the clutter. Clutter whether it is mental or physical can stress us out and stifle our actions at times. Figure out what you really want and what motivates you and dump the rest if able (or at least compartmentalize it). Structure creates freedom; having a sense of freedom harbors success.

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