Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Meeting Challenges...Better Has No Finish Line

Over the last 15 plus years in the fitness industry I have seen lots of cool things and faced many challenges (in an ever changing industry). I always try and look for the deeper drivers to evolve my why, my juice, to measure the quality of my life.

How do you measure the quality of the person?
Asking the question "what have you done?" is different than asking "how did you get it done?"

I prefer the latter. It exudes work ethic...tenacity.
Know your place in the world.

Know your limitations to exceed them.

Tackle big tasks with humility.

Take honest stock in who you are.

Any petty regrets?

What is your next big move?

There are lots of aspects of your well being.

Enjoy the journey because better has no finish line.

And keep in mind hard work is the fuel that produces uncommon results is common people.

Nothing will work unless you do.
Keep in mind a focused fitness studio or fitness pro can help you pinpoint your mistakes, improve your fitness experiences, and hold you accountable...

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