Tuesday, January 24, 2017

3 Tips To Gaining Momentum With Fitness Into The New Year...

As I have said many times before with change comes challenge. We welcome change. Heck, that is part of our mission at RHF. With the new year coming and all (I hate marketing gimmicks this time of year) it should be no surprise that your emotions will be played upon for you to change something in your life. Without a clear plan you could be left with a bunch of stuff and no accountability to use it.

What good is a bunch of tools with no tool belt?

Here are 3 tips to gain momentum with fitness into the new year:

Reset to a new action plan. Look back at your goals and action plan and see if you are on target. You may surprise yourself on just how far you have come along. You may want to rewrite your goals, reset the plan, or even just tidy up some of the language. Remember, properly set goals are partially reached goals. Follow any changes up with a new and improved action plan.

Look good. Feel good. Dress the part or move one step closer to it. Behavior science calls it enclothed cognition. There is strong science to suggest that when you dress the part you play the part better. Good reason for a new set of shoes huh?

Engage the right support. Be sure your goals and time commitment match up. Seek help in getting your game plan in place and to stay accountable. Wishful thinking nor outright purchase will do it (Joseph Pilates).

Side note...

We pride ourselves on knowing we can make an impact in an industry full of hype, empty promises, and drained pockets...

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