Monday, January 7, 2019

Tips For The NOW Year 2019...

You survived the holidays I hope. It is the most stressful, I mean crazy, I mean wonderful time of the year. 

You know how it goes... 

Toys, I mean landmines are everywhere (good thing you work on your balance yah?). The In-laws that have decided to stay another 10 days because it will be so much fun having another 50 meals (that is 5 meals a day for you counters) together. Feast on!   

Holidays are winding down and new resolutions are building up (50% set them and about 10% achieve them). The new gym bag you got from your wife (it is a message don't kid yourself) is packed with new gear; fancy headphones and those new shoes you have been eyeballing (you are supposed to wear them). 

What about the fridge? Surely it is stocked with plenty of greens for those green smoothies. Do you have the ingredients for a deep cleanse? Chicken and broccoli for 60 days? Remember the apple cider vinegar? 

Despite good intentions, this is an all too familiar scene that I see EVERY DAMN YEAR. 

Crowded gyms in January.

Ghost towns by mid February.  

Did you know some statistics show that 80% of people that have traditional gym memberships on average go less than twice a month? Another study showed that 67% of gym members never go at all! Holy!  

RHF can help change that for you. Never be a bad statistic! 

Why does this happen to so many people?

Well, simply put many people set all-or-nothing resolutions that are unrealistic. You need to find something that sticks with your messy and unpredictable life. You need something that has a lasting effect, a lifestyle change. You know...something sticky.

The term worth considering is real life resolution. 

The idea is this...

Commit to doing the best you can, when you can, with whatever you have day in and day out. 

When it comes to fitness all you need is your body weight!

Also, consider working from a fitness first philosophy and try a do-it-now perspective (aka Spark Speed). 

You will benefit from these simple philosophies and it will make all the difference if you want to thrive through all of 2019. 

I'll save you some time and send you some real world strategies in the next email along with some expected benefits you can receive from putting fitness first. 

Tips For the NOW Year (2019)...

Franklin Covey reported that the #1 resolution in the U.S. in 2012 was to become more physically fit. It was up from #4 in 2002. Without seeing the data for 2018 I will bet that fitness hovers as a top priority for many...

Some crazy stats...50% of us set new year resolutions and only 8% actually achieve them! 

Here are 3 quick tips to help you unload in 2019:
  • Set proper goals. Set the end goal (desired outcome) and the process goals (weekly actions).
  • Find a burn buddy for heightened accountability and enhanced synergy.
  • Gear up. New gear can give you a mental boost (enclothed cognition).

Here are 3 more tips:
  • Move daily. Daily movement keeps your muscles from going to sleep (sedentary build up). Whether it be walking, dynamic stretching, or other light/low impact activities you can benefit from daily movement. A body in motion wants to stay in motion.
  • Lift heavy things 2-4 times a week to build and maintain strength. Heavy is subjective so seek help here. Hustle makes muscle.
  • Burst once in a while. In other words, jack your heart rate up (70% of max heart rate and above). Try metabolic training or metabolic conditioning (METCON) which is a staple method here at RHF. If you want to jog/run then you should learn proper running form and build up from there (never go right to sprinting).

This should be enough to get you started in the NOW YEAR.  

Wanna read more about goal setting?

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Our Focus...

Rock Hard Fitness specializes in 30 minute metabolic, high intensity, full-body workouts. These workouts (Burn30 Bootcamp) are designed to torch fat, maintain joint integrity, and are transferable to real life. They are fast, fun, and functional. We say burn, ouch, done. We also offer semi-personal training, fitness consultations, body analyses, and team sport training.

Our programming includes training, coaching, and accountability. Rocky Reeves, MS is the owner/operator of Rock Hard Fitness (RHF) in Anchorage, Alaska. Rocky has taught well over 15,000 boot camp classes in the last 13 plus years and his client list is in the thousands.