Tuesday, January 10, 2017

20 Hacks To Hold You ACCOUNTABLE To Your Fitness Plan...

1. Sign up for a competition/race

2. Put money on the line (see online betting sites like dietbet.com or Pact app)

3. Bet other things like housework or movie tickets

4. Share your success socially 

5. Make a video diary

6. Make your own rewards program for hitting your targets or join a facility/studio that offers rewards for attendance (sweat rebates)

7. Visualization (5 min a day)

8. Take photos to track progress (once a week)

9. Do it to raise money for charity

10. Complete programs (longer term) vs go to a class

11. Sleep in your workout clothes for am workout 

12. Shut down electronics during your sweat session

13. Use a fitness tracker app or site (logs exercise and food intake) that lets others see your progress

14. Vent in a journal about your feelings 

15. Sign a contract: write out workouts, seek end goals, tie rewards in 

16. Hire a trainer 

17. Find a burn buddy

18. Set some of your own simple fitness rules that you can effectively use like "I will attend 3 times a week for 30 minutes and stick to full body workouts that allow me to maximize my energy and keep me in balance"

19. Set up a simple home gym just to have ready in case you miss a class due to scheduling  

20. Buy some new workout clothes. Look good, feel good (enclothed cognition)

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