Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Productivity Offsets Costs...

Consider the costs to go to a traditional gym...

You know that big box gym with people wandering around aimlessly?

You know the low budget, $19 a month gym that is over-crowded and jammed full of equipment peeps don't know how to use or can't get on because some meathead is hogging it? Newsflash! The only equipment you need is you really. You are the machine.
Anyways...I call this fractionalizing fitness..

Traditional gyms cannot service all their members at once obviously (just like the banks) so it has inherent flaws. One inherent flaw is that they hope all the members never show up at once LOL. Seems backwards to me. We at RHF pride ourselves on attendance.

Studies vary but up to 80% of traditional gym users may go less than twice a month.

If we took that and averaged it out to 50 times a yr @ let's say $100/m; a nice health club with many amenities (if these numbers are close to accurate) YOU WILL PAY $25 EVERY TIME YOU GO...

Heck, it is cheaper just to pay the walkin rate!

You are also roughly 20% more likely to renew a traditional gym membership if they have you on contract.


If you want a personal trainer plan on spending $400-$900 a month extra...

DVD rentals?

Cafe charges?

Who knows what else...

The traditional gym system is BUILT on you not showing up (much like a bank limiting your access to YOUR money).

Think about it...

Makes sense to find a studio if you are serious about your progress.

The Big Takeaway...

Productivity offsets all costs, especially in a smaller, focused environment. Quality over quantity.

Works with nutritional supplements too...find the good ones.

Count reps not dollars.

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