Monday, November 18, 2019

This Idea Can Help Your Fitness Through The Holidays...

Are you determined?

Have you lost your mojo?

Do you want to get that energy back that has been eluding you for the last several months?

We all know that too many holiday parties (yes they are coming) can wreck havoc on your mind, your waste line, and your metabolism.

Good news...

You can get it back pretty quick...

Determination is the ability to see things through despite having the chips seemingly stacked against you.

Or put another way; "having made a firm decision and being resolved not to change it."

It certainly ties into the consistency I talked about in the email the other day. Consider determination to be the life force of your consistency and VITAL for your fitness progress.

Your (self) determination requires you having a clear goal and an action plan to get there to function properly.

If you train properly you will hit walls. You will be uncomfortable...

Bottom line...

Set clear goals.

Be consistent.

Use determination as your fuel so you can push through ALL obstacles.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

A Simple Fitness Concept to Catapult You...

I get asked a lot about the secrets to longevity in fitness in pursuit of quality of life.

(I have been doing this steadily and successfully for 24 years).

There are plenty of fit formulas out there and plenty of talent in the industry to help you. Whether you hear it from me or hear it from a fellow fitness fanatic you need to hear it (again). We often need reminders nothing more.

It comes down to one word...


Consistency in how you move. You have as much energy as you use.

Consistency in what (and when) you consume. Your biology is your biography.

Consistency in how you recover from workouts. Recovery catapults future workouts.

Master these ACTIONS and you will be fitter and live a high quality of life.

We all desire quality of life.

Just make sure you put yourself in a position to deserve it by acting on your desire.

3 Reasons You Might Be Struggling With Progress In Your Fitness Plan...

Fight For Your Fitness...
Do you even have a fitness plan?

You absolutely need to set clear end goals that include weekly action targets that you can hit. A fitness pro can help you get clear on what you really want to achieve with your fitness.

Do you know how to properly recover from structured workout programs (with momentum)?

Proper recovery is vital for your fitness progress. There are lots of concepts to consider using to maximize your recovery. Work/rest ratios, workout recovery windows, staggering your workouts, working around injuries, active rest, massage, and foam rolling are all concepts (tools) that a fitness pro can use to help push you along in your fitness journey (think long term…think lifestyle)

Do you know how to jump over unforeseen hurdles with scheduling?

Often times our weekly schedules go wacky. How will you combat this? Who will hold you accountable? A fitness pro can hold you accountable and keep you on track with your earned momentum (your workouts provide the momentum not your thoughts or wishful thinking). Sense of accomplishment breeds momentum which breeds more accomplishment.

Why You Should Exercise Each Week...

It is important for you to exercise each week where ever it may be...
  • Stops and starts diminish the training effect (which is a compounding effect), also affects trainer's ability to program you effectively
  • Muscle can go stagnant (sedentary build up) usually starting around 72 hours
  • Any gains may be lost with lack of consistency in your training frequency
  • Lack of exercise leads to a host of bad habits starting with poor nutrition choices and sloppy sleep/rest cycles

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

High Intensity Incidental Physical Activity (HIIPA)...

Learn and apply this word researchers came up with: High-Intensity Incidental Physical Activity (HIIPA).

This happens every day when physical activities cause heart rates to spike and breathlessness to occur.

Think about running down a bus or train (try it LOL), sprinting up stairs, or doing yard work extra-fast (set a timer), or your dog walking you (well maybe). 

According to the new U.S. Physical Activity Guidelines, any moderate to vigorous exercise, for 30 seconds or a few minutes, can boost heart health if done several times during the day.

(It's an effort you can sustain for a short time, which is great for your busy schedule!) 

Sneak in a quick express workout by bounding up some stairs anytime, biking home to a timer, or doing 50 pushups on a bathroom break (not kidding). 

Always be ready! 

Pack workout gear to prepare for some HIIPA and or course implement structured express (HIT) workouts. We know that if it gets off your "to-do list" and onto your schedule you will more than likely get it done. Hold yourself accountable.