Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Pay Fitness Forward...

What are you doing today?

Seriously, what are you doing today?

To pay it forward?

To pay forward what you learn?

What you earn?

And even what you burn (your amazing workouts)?

Are you telling people about your life's progress? Surely people are interested if things are moving in a positive direction.

If not, why not?

Are you making the pursuit of wellness a fun process?

Do you enjoy challenges?

Are you resisting change and growth?

Remember this...

What you resist persists (I know this first hand).

In my many experiences in the last 13 years building RHF, training and coaching people (I have trained thousands) to get better I have found that we ALL have a drive to get better. For some people it is just buried in the stuff of life, the black hole. Phases can be mazes. I am no stranger to that.

Clarity often times comes at a cost. Sacrifices have to be made as you push forward into growth (your potential needs attention today). I am fortunate enough (yes fortunate) to work in a profession that forces me to grow daily, to be better with people, to better with my process, and to be better with my products. My role is as much a physical one as it is a mental/emotional one (daunting at times I know LOL just ask many of the woman AND men I train).

This is why I joke with people when they first come in and ask them if they have any physical issues OR mental issues (I usually get a good laugh from whoever I ask).Today I want you to keep this in mind...

Fitness, whether it be strength, endurance, or any other component is more of a habit, a skill, a tool to be used to strive for balance in your life. Seek it. It is yours for the taking...

If it is working for you then it is time to pay it forward.

Bless someone with your amazing experiences...

Sweat lost is strength gained.

Earn everything.

A.S.A.P (Always Strive And Prosper)

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