Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Preparation Tips For A Strong Fitness Foundation...

Work the buddy system (burn buddy). Countless research supports avoiding the lone ranger approach with fitness. Making it social makes it fun which makes it feel more like something you want to do rather than have to do. Surround yourself with people that will hold you accountable and push you to be better.

Set goals (duh).
If you can track it you can improve it. This works in harmony with the buddy system. Keep your goals action oriented as opposed to outcome focused. Actions lead to outcomes.

Establish a vision.
A significant portion of improving your performance is mental. A few minutes a day just visualizing yourself succeeding can work wonders for your focus on fitness.

Use failure as a tool.
Failing is succeeding in fitness often times. Cranking out that last rep or adding 30 seconds to the cardio will push you to new thresholds. Phases can be mazes at times. If your plan gets derailed due to life circumstances reset and get back on the horse. You are the warrior, never the worrier.

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