Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Make The Jump...

No matter what type of high intensity training you do; metabolic training, biking, or high impact conditioning (to name a few) you will face THE WALL at some point.
You will know when you hit the wall by how your legs feel. Heck, even your mind and soul will tell you to quit. Never listen.
I have spent my entire life challenging myself physically (as well as emotionally, mentally, and spiritually), and yes phases can absolutely be mazes. What I have learned is that these walls, these perceived physical walls where we consider yelling "I Quit" are in fact fake. 
Many people are able to come up with ways to jump the wall (work through it really), letting their minds take them into a new thought plane where the "perceived pain" fails at holding them back.
Now days, cutting edge training conditions the body to experience deep discomfort and to embrace the so-called "pain." Yes, we actually have "pain workouts." Smart people use this experience to motivate them, to push the mission forward. You have a mission right?

The Wall is mental, emotional, and spiritual as well...

You have to jump over (get through) THE WALL with physical strength and endurance, but you also jump mental, emotional, and spiritual walls (these are often their own walls).

The Secret...

Never fall prey to powerlessness. Whether your wall is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual you beat the wall by pushing harder and applying the necessary tools to help you. Self-knowledge will help you find the weak spots, the hidden doors, the access points to tackle these walls. After knowledge starts the execution (applied knowledge).

Develop your true potential (that's what RHF is about) by learning to push your limits. If you are confined by work, ailments, resources, or even skills hang in there, keep working hard, and never QUIT.

We all hit THE WALLS in life.

Winners break through. Winners make the jump.

We all gotta make the jump.

Make your jump.

Embrace the discomfort of a tough 30 minute workout as the price of admission to a fit life. Chase your dreams using fitness as a main tool. Enjoy the fruits of your efforts.


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