Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Commitment To The Mission...

RHF has adopted the Greek motto "e tan, e epi tan" which means "with this, or upon this..." 
This phrase was a charge by Spartan mothers to their sons to either return from battle with their shield or be carried home dead upon it.

The Spartans were fierce warriors. Though often outnumbered, they overcame overwhelming odds and proved that a small, highly trained force with a sound strategic and tactical plan could stand victorious.

"Small on the outside, not the inside" is another phrase that sums up RHF.

Skill, expertise, and full commitment to the mission success is another way to put it...

With a small force of highly trained and experienced professionals, RHF has proven time and again that an organization can be small and successful.

The motto leans to commitment, not size.

Total commitment to achieving the mission objective is the agenda at RHF.
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