Monday, January 20, 2020


We all can get a little swampy sometimes, letting things pool (never flowing out) in our lives leaving no room for freshness or growth...

In order to capture that freshness we must seek proper counsel, accept criticism from others, and we must create an accountability team. Without such a team stagnation will linger in your life.

Let me ask you this...

Do you think about fitness like you did 2 years ago?

Still running the tired excuses about what you should have done in 2019?

How about your nutrition? Are you stuck doing diets only to fail and lose 30 days rather than release 30 pounds?

You need fresh ideas, fresh workouts, and you certainly need fresh goals, along with fresh food meal plans (performance enhancing). You need new inspirations. You should flow this stuff through you. You will gain so much while actually releasing those unwanted pounds of body fat. Besides no one likes to lose anything. If someone loses something they are likely to go looking for it.

Need help setting 2020 fitness goals?

I can help!

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Monday, January 13, 2020

Hit A Wall?

It happens to everyone now and then.

We get paralyzed by the hamster wheel of life...

We love to maximize pleasure, avoid pain, and conserve energy as we move along. When we get stuck it can be demoralizing. Make the wrong move and we sink further into the chaos we are attempting to avoid.

A wall separates...

I think when we get stuck or hit a wall we should be reminded that success is hard and we should be be thankful it is because it allows the cream to rise to the top (you are the cream). Working through difficulties pressure tests us and really does separate us from the pack. Less people actually work through difficulties (without kicking and screaming) leaving more for the rest of us on the other side of mediocrity.

Get over that wall...

Many people fall at the wall, at the site of a difficult challenge. The reality is the more walls you hit and climb over the further you separate yourself from the pack, the mediocre, the lazy, the pretenders, the wannabes, the weak, and of course your old self. Evolve or decay right?

Practicing stoicism will benefit you greatly...

Next time you see some challenges on the horizon that you know you have to deal with just make the leap without complaint. You will be better for it. Everything you want is on the other side of fear anyways.

I hope this helps.


I hate to sound harsh but we are not entitled to good health, abundance, happiness, nor good relationships. We have to earn that stuff. "That stuff" is on the other side of massive action...

Set some goals and smash em'.

Anyone holding you accountable?

Need help setting 2020 fitness goals?

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Sunday, January 12, 2020

The Days After...

The few days after January 1 are always an interesting time. Gyms are pretty busy. Many people are running around with their resolutions top of mind and of course wearing their new workout duds that they got for Christmas

(Look up enclothed cognition; it is a real thing).

Ponder this...

Most of the people you see in the gym this month will likely be absent in February...

How do you plan to keep your fitness zeal and your 20/20 vision in 2020?

Here are 3 quick tips to helping you maintain your zeal and focus

  • Embrace the chase. Understand fitness is a journey of discovering your body. Chase actions not side effects. Never chase weight loss. You will carry that weight with you.
  • Be clear. Want what you want. Fitness is in part a mindset. You need a clear head to optimize your fitness plan. It is a must. Poor thoughts and emotions (being unclear) can stagnate your fitness goals. Even if we kill it in our workouts consistently we can slow progress by not being clear on what we truly want. This is why we set concrete fitness goals (the what, why, and how). It is the pathway to the end goal(s).
  • Do it for the right reasons. When you want what you want and you choose what you want to chase then the rest sort of takes care of itself. Make it even easier by gravitating towards things that give you joy and energy. You are in full control here. Sure fitness can be tough and the process not so joyful at times, but you know that the ultimate joy comes post workout anyways, included is a great sense of accomplishment. Grit before gold.

If I could add one more thing to help you out...

Think about creating a mission bigger than yourself. It gives you a greater purpose and a greater purpose means a better impact and that makes you more valuable. Work your journey, tell your story along the way, and inspire others to do the same.

If you are stagnant or hitting a wall I will send an email shortly on how to navigate through it.

To keep you on track remember to chase the work that will get you to your desired outcomes!

Need help setting 2020 fitness goals?

I can help!

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Regenerate Yourself This Holiday Season...

Complacency and procrastination are heavy during the holidays.

One could easily gain 7-10 pounds and the research supports it.

Many people come to me just plain zapped of energy or stuck on massive amounts of coffee or energy drinks just to get through the day.

I will not spend today talking about the metabolic disruption that can go on in the body, but I will tell you that borrowing from the future (stimulant abuse) will set you up for a disaster down the road.

I have a better idea. Let me nudge you...

This holiday season make sure you are on a fitness plan to help you regenerate your body. It goes something like this:

  • Start working out smarter and with a purpose.
  • Cut back on things you don't need (we have too much of what we don't need); alcohol, sugar, caffeine, negative relationships, digital stimulation.
  • Add things to your life that you need more of like: sleep, nutrition, exercise, positive relationships, emotional connections.

Do you have a willing mind but incapable body?

You would be smart to hire a fitness pro to help you get started! A fitness pro/trainer can teach you how to train and will hold you accountable to applying your new skills. Being able to learn and apply new skills is always worth the price.

Remember, you are the engine not the caboose (your body is also a temple not an amusement park).

It is up to you to make sure the engine is running and the temple is clean.

Use your time wisely (especially weekends) to reset, refuel, and regenerate so you can break the "limp into Monday" cycle.

What could you use less of?

What could you use more of?