Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Making Fitness Pay You at Work...

Company wellness programs are shifting incentives for employees from simply signing up to rewards (or punishments) for measurable results...

Here is the scoop:
1. Productivity saves you money! Companies are offering (25% of them) financial  rewards for producing positive blood work, good blood pressure readings, and healthy BMI's to name a few. Qualifying is tougher, but the rewards can be sweet. 20% of them are offering higher than $500 in monetary incentives.

2. A for effort. Even if you miss goals, you can see cost savings for enrolling. For those that fail to enroll/participate can see bigger hikes in health premiums.

3. Change the game. If you think the benchmarks may be out of range for you, you can set new ones with the help of your doctor. Take the new adjustments to your benefits department and by law they have to work out an alternative or give you a waiver.

4. Offsite reimbursements are available. If you choose to go offsite, you may be able to get a substantial reimbursement from your company. I have seen em' as high as $500! Just show proof of payment to tap in.

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