Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Delicate Balance…

I hate the comfort of old habits and how hard it is to break out of a rut sometimes. I am amazed that for many people simply knowing a lot (never enough) about fitness provides little motivation to change that out-of-shape behavior. It is only how a person ends up feeling that really moves them to "finally doing something about it.

When an unbalanced life goes on for too long, when the sluggishness and soft belly begins to weigh on us; we act often impulsive in damage control mode.

Our choices really do determine our outcomes. For some, even feeling lousy for awhile proves to be an ineffective way for us to take action.

So, what's the trigger that ignites your behavior (Can you keep the flame going?)?

Maybe it's vanity because let's face it we all want to look better...

We also wanna feel better...

We want better stamina that often goes way too quickly...

Use it or lose it right?

Many people just get sick and tired of being sick and tired...

If you are in a rut (I know it's real) it takes guts to break out of it. All of us are prone to slacking and none of us are immune to getting into a rut. Phases can be mazes.

So, this year I'll be there when you feel you need to break out, and I'll hold it down when you need to spend another hour on the couch.

The balance lies when you put as much energy into fitness as you put into mediocrity (preferably more into fitness). Restore the balance in your life that is so delicate. When you are in complete balance, you are living healthy and well.

It is time to focus on balance and fitness is your tool to catapult you into balance.

Keep in mind in order to find good balance in your life you need to test the waters a little, ride the curb a little…fitness can give you that for sure without major risk.

You don't get everything you want; you get what you want most. Just being "busy" can keep you from doing important things.

Treat yourself right each and every day.....

The Deal…

Setting a goal is a private deal you make with yourself. You make a pact with someone, take a vow, make a promise, take a dare...whatever.

But a goal you actually plan to achieve is something different. It starts with desire, is secured by a commitment, and is advanced by action.

Sadly, failure to reach your goals, especially where fitness is concerned, is NOW a public deal. And it's worse when, months into the NOW YEAR you have average health, poor nutrition, no energy and more excuses than you can count.

What are you going to do?

Are you ready to make some serious changes?

Time is once again on your side.

A new year is around the corner...

But what does that mean?

Hire a trainer?

Find a workout partner?

Study success stories for inspiration?

None of the above will get you on your way without a plan and some serious focus. Pick up a pen and write down everything you want out of life. Put it on your mirror. Program it in your mind. Find your "why."
Toughen up to others comments. Down play your limiting beliefs and negative self talk (head trash). Get rid of words like "shouldn't", "can't", or "need to think about it more." Avoid paralysis by analysis. Avoid waiting to see if your friend is getting results. Write your goals without shame.

None of it, money, career, or the life advice will do a damn thing for you until you sit down quietly to make a deal with yourself; the kind you plan to close.
Treat yourself right every day of your life.....

Tips To Jump Start Your Fitness Again...

1. Announce it.
When you make your commitment, tell people. This rallies your support system. Maybe you will find a burn buddy! You are 3 times more likely to achieve success on a fitness program if you have a buddy (recent 24 Hour Fitness study).

2. Prepare.
There are many things you can do to prepare. Start by eliminating anything that can threaten your success. Clean out your fridge and cupboards and replace them with healthy, performance supporting foods. View 7 key workout foods! You may also be surprise what a new gym outfit and new pair of kicks might spark.

3. Develop SMART goals. Without goals what do you have? Goals make your fitness activities tangible and worthwhile. Read more on goal setting!

4. Use a well rounded approach. There are so many options available to you. Find your foundational approach (the one you like) and be sure to add other programs to fill in the gaps.

The Warrior Spirit Whispers...

It is in the back of your head...

The feeling (whisper) that often keeps you up at night...

The feeling that sits on your left shoulder and often lingers in your eyes...

We worry.

We worry about weight.

We worry about food.

We worry about a better tomorrow.

We worry about the economy.

We worry about how other people view us.

No one is immune to worrying.

I want to remind you that there is another feeling.

It also never stops because HOT NEVER STOPS.

It also whispers.

Some people hear it.

Few people chase it.

Less people invite it.

The warrior spirit is what I am talking about.

It refuses to die.

It whispers NEVER STOP.

Remember you are the warrior, never the worrier.

Can you capture it?

Will you hold onto it or let it go?

Happy NOW Year...

I'll wait for the new year...

I have a new year plan... (yah right)

I'll take the winter off and start in the spring...

I'm too busy with the holidays...

Do you believe all of this nonsense?

When it comes to balance you really need to dial in a little. Your life depends on it. Are you taking care of #1? You must think differently. Push forward as everyone else holds back.

It's time...
It's time to focus on fitness...

It's time to upgrade your nutritional plan...

It's time to create balance in your life (body, mind, and spirit)...

It's time to update your resume rather than hide in your cubicle and let someone else decide for you...

It's time to put that business plan together and set a real timetable for launching it...

It's time to book that trip to that place you only dream of...

Create tangible "Now" Year resolutions this time and work on them for the WHOLE year. Quit thinking about resolutions you will do later. It is inherent procrastination. Start now and work through the whole year!

This Year: a book of fitness
...try a new sport that can challenge you
...ramp up your workouts with RHF
...take a yoga or pilates class

...learn to cook new clean meals

...get a detailed plan for your finances and work them to a tee (be fiscally fit this year)

Get ahead of those who want to pause and reflect way too long (and get fat of course).

Think about your future, and your family's future. Your good health is your true wealth. Fitness is the fuel to your future.

Reflect on the past yah...


Create major momentum and succeed going forward. Live in the now.

Avoid being another SUCKA who procrastinates and RESET your fitness plan today.