Wednesday, May 29, 2019

3 Things To Consider In Developing Your Fitness Philosophy...

1. Never be a one trick pony. Be well-rounded and think of your body as one working unit rather than by body part   
2. Motion is lotion. Assess your lifestyle and include the proper mobility training to support it  
3. Work from a concept called compressed productivity (aka express workouts or HIT). Essentially, you are doing more work in less time (density training). This is a great way to maximize your time

Be sure and included a sound strategy for your lower body.  
Too many people neglect the lower body.  
Legs feed the wolf.


Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Benefits Of An Express Workout...

Express workouts are typically considered high intensity training (HIT). Sure you can create variations, but high intensity training has a ton benefits and you can get many of them in a short period of time. Most notably there are big metabolic and cardiac benefits as well as noticeably quicker improvements in conditioning.  

Do keep in mind HIT is different than high impact training. You can do HIT without the involvement of high impact training (often joint pounding). This is great news for anyone looking to increase their heart rate but want to keep their risk of injury down.

High intensity work is most easily identified at heart rate measurements greater than 80% of your maximum heart rate (you can estimate this). You also know you are in the zone when you have shortness of breath, you can't converse, and/or burning in your muscles.

Do more in less time...

We have more responsibilities and distractions that pull on us. The stress from all this can affect our ability to stay focused on our fitness goals.

Doing express workouts can liberate people with busy schedules! When you decrease the time to commit you decrease the psychological barrier allowing for a greater chance at success. We call this slow cooking your progress. How do you eat an elephant again?

Seek balance...

When we are out of balance our workouts, nutrition, and overall production suffers.

Many of us then pound caffeine and energy drinks reactively not realizing the metabolic storm coming (you control your chemisty FYI).

Let's get back to basics. Start with movement.

How to do it...

You can do these workouts with your body weight. It is that simple.

Focus on mobility, range of motion, joint decompression, hip function/mobility, torso conditioning, and you can even add basic strength moves.

Great news...

Learn and apply this word researchers came up with: High-Intensity Incidental Physical Activity (HIIPA).

This happens everyday when physical activities cause heart rates to spike and breathlessness to occur.

Think about running down a bus or train (try it LOL), sprinting up stairs, or doing yard work extra-fast (set a timer), or your dog walking you (well maybe). 

According to the new U.S. Physical Activity Guidelines, any moderate to vigorous exercise, for 30 seconds or a few minutes, can boost heart health if done several times during the day.

(It's an effort you can sustain for a short time, which is great for your busy schedule!) 

Sneak in a quick express workout by bounding up some stairs anytime, biking home to a timer, or doing 50 pushups on a bathroom break (not kidding). 

Always be ready! Pack workout gear to prepare for some HIIPA and or course implement structured express (HIT) workouts. We know that if it gets off your "to-do list" and onto your schedule you will more than likely get it done. Hold yourself accountable. 

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Pillars For a Fit Life...

We have to earn everything in life...

We have to earn our bodies through proper training (if you want to be fit).

We earn our outcomes (most of them) by developing the brain power to make great decisions (especially if you want to be fit).

We earn our meals by working hard on our bodies and brains (if you want to be fit).

We even earn those cheat meals (never cheat weeks). What did you indulge in this last weekend?

All the areas of our lives need improvement. Hard (and smart) work is required to improve fitness (and just about everything else in life).

Massive action (start with daily tweaks) needs to occur to really make the life you dream of.

You still have dreams correct?

Below are 10 pillars you can adopt to take control of your fitness and your life:

1. Eradicate dead, wasted time. Use your commute to get better. Use audio books, podcasts, or focus on gratitude development. You can also set the tone of the day with the right music too!

2. Practice deep breathing. This reduces stress by increasing oxygen to your cells therefore increasing relaxation. This also helps fight off impulsiveness and metabolic noise (cravings).

3. Practice more smiling (one of my focuses). Smiling shows strength. It shows you are in control and when you in control you definitely worry less. Smiling helps program your mind to look at challenges as opportunities.

4. Use belief to catapult you. Being sure about something can help shape outcomes (even destiny). Be clear on what you want to get near the outcomes you desire. It would be wise to seek help here (goal setting, actions plans, etc).

5. Embrace toughness. You will be tested in a focused fitness program (and in life); your will, courage, strength, and resolve. It will hurt. Push yourself a bit more. What is the worst that can happen? Either way you still probably get better at some things if not several things.

6. Adopt relentlessness in your pursuit of becoming more fit. Quitters never win. You stand a chance if you stay the proper course.

7. Rest and recover (rinse and repeat). For consistency, shoot for 8 hours a night and engage in proper recovery from workouts (seek help here). Quality sleep helps boost immunity and mental function. It also is needed for muscle recovery. Naps (polyphasic sleep) are great too and underrated!

8. Prepare for the next day and set objectives before bed. What are your objectives for the next day or week? Try a Sunday planning session so the week stays with you. This will do wonders for your productivity. Try it!

Remember this...your meaning in life (your why) is different than your objective(s) in life. Your actions (hopefully weekly) are your objectives. These two things should be in harmony however.

9. Unplug, get offline. There are such things as technoference, social fatigue, low-battery anxiety, and even nomophobia (no mobile phone phobia). We check our phones and such 50-100 times a day (maybe more). This fight between dopamine and cortisol (explain later) can wreak havoc on our metabolism. Enough is enough.

10. Fuel your brain. This can be a bit complex, but there are many ways to turn the brain on and dump the accumulative brain fog. 3 things to think about: cleansing, nourishment, and revitalization.

Achieving human optimization...

There are many ingredients that can help you achieve human optimization. Whatever you desire to focus on remember this...

You have to earn it. It will be yours.

Everyone has something to teach you if you are willing to listen. Too many times major learning opportunities fall on deaf ears. The more knowledge you have and can apply the better champion you will be.

It comes down to this...

Earn your muscle, meals, and metabolism.

Take control of your chemistry and your movement and you can take control of your life.


Wednesday, May 8, 2019

What You Can Expect From a Fitness Program...

Have you ever pondered that there is a difference between exercise and training? Training is much more formal, requires a stronger commitment, and is by far way more effective. Training involves programming!

I want you to think about that as you search for improvement in your life...

What you can expect by going through a RHF fitness program:
  • We will train you...we will teach you how to exercise metabolically...the RHF META Method
  • We will coach you...we know a motivated mindset is a must so we include it in the program
We will hold you accountable...action creates results

RHF will personally:
  • Assess your current fitness level and lifestyle
  • Prescribe changes to your current state
  • Monitor and execute the prescribed changes

RHF will teach you how to: (if willing to apply)
  • Get active. We meet you where you are and progress from there.
  • Structure your exercise program for maximum participation, effectiveness, and efficiency.
  • Compress your weekly training schedule for maximum productivity (train more effectively in less time).
  • Train consistently even if you are traveling, unmotivated, injured, or just busy.
  • Use fitness as a tool to build wellness into your life (without taking it over).
  • Maintain an active lifestyle for a lifetime.
  • Eat better for improved performance and wellness without dieting.
  • Overcome nutrition confusion and conflicting advice.
  • Adopt important strategies for nutrition, sleep, stress management, and well-being.
  • Overcome challenging situations and common obstacles in your fitness/wellness quest.
  • Set appropriate and achievable goals and create the right conditions for fitness success.
  • Achieve and maintain your fitness/wellness goals even when life gets busy (and it will).
How you can benefit from a RHF fitness program:

Expected results if you take the bull by the horns and spend the optimal amount of time in the program...
  • Get to an ideal body weight and body composition.
  • Build physical strength. Become muscle smart and muscle tough.
  • Build fitness IQ (physical and mental toughness) to combat a crazy and often unpredictable world.
  • Get off the fitness roller coaster once and for all and never look back. Train in the NOW.
  • Become a calorie burning machine.
  • Maximize loss of belly fat.
  • Build amazing endurance.
  • Activate more muscle for accelerated growth.
  • Gain mental confidence so you can show off your gifts and talents.  And more...