Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Burn To Earn...Tips For Any Season

Are you on track with your fitness goals?

You gotta burn to earn...flat out

Staying fit is often never easy.

Here are some tips to push through in any season:

1. Find your trigger. Many people overeat (and under-nourish). Experts say psychology plays a huge part in overeating. Our experiences growing up help shape our view of food. Income plays a huge role in access to food. Often times as we become more financially independent we often also tend to over-indulge which can lead to unwanted weight gain. If weight loss is a goal or you struggle with food think of some of the cues that cause you to overeat. This is the first step to controlling poor impulses.

2. Faith plays a role. The way you look is a direct reflection of your thoughts. Before you can start (or reset) any fitness plan, you need to believe in yourself and know you can be successful. Faith is fueled by clear goals that are attainable. Clear head. Full heart. You win.

3. Burn to earn! Complete daily action steps so you know you are getting your calorie burn in and on your way to your health and fitness goals. The work will teach you how to do it.
4. Dump the pigs. Not trying to be mean but, you can catch obesity according to recent research! If your buddies or co-workers gorge themselves on garbage, look for a healthier crew to hang out with most of the time. You can often tell how your life and career are going by looking at the 5 people you hang out with the most (you are the average of the 5 like it or not). Your inner circle is a direct reflection of who you are. Change those people if needed and it will change your life. I promise.

5. Seek out true motivation.
Casually equals casualty. A half-ass effort leads only to half-ass results, so do what you have to do to ensure that you put in the work. You are not a charity case, nor a victim, and you don't always need a pep talk. Instead, think about how bad you want it! If you really have a problem in your life, you can find the energy to do something about it. It can and should start with fitness.

No drama. No victims. No excuses. No hype. Just effort. Earn it.

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