Tuesday, July 9, 2019

High Intensity Incidental Physical Activity (HIIPA)...

Learn and apply this word researchers came up with: High-Intensity Incidental Physical Activity (HIIPA).

This happens every day when physical activities cause heart rates to spike and breathlessness to occur.

Think about running down a bus or train (try it LOL), sprinting up stairs, or doing yard work extra-fast (set a timer), or your dog walking you (well maybe). 

According to the new U.S. Physical Activity Guidelines, any moderate to vigorous exercise, for 30 seconds or a few minutes, can boost heart health if done several times during the day.

(It's an effort you can sustain for a short time, which is great for your busy schedule!) 

Sneak in a quick express workout by bounding up some stairs anytime, biking home to a timer, or doing 50 pushups on a bathroom break (not kidding). 

Always be ready! 

Pack workout gear to prepare for some HIIPA and or course implement structured express (HIT) workouts. We know that if it gets off your "to-do list" and onto your schedule you will more than likely get it done. Hold yourself accountable.