Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tips To Maximize Your Summer Progress...

Summer time is an interesting time of year with ample sunshine, warm weather, and seemingly way too many barbecues. We often lose sight of the value of those short sweat sessions (I assume you understand less is more by now). Intensity beats duration every damn time. No questions. Experience it if you have yet to do so.

Continue to seek balance in your life. Balance starts with fitness...

Here are some tips to help you maximize your summer progress:

Stabilize your frequency.
Showing up is the most important thing you can do. 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week with the right metabolic programming (Burn30 Bootcamp) will keep the sedentary buildup at bay. Skip training for more than 2 weeks and you run the risk of having to reset your program. Trainers will handle the programming part. Just get to your sweat sessions. Use it or lose it. Simple.

Tighten up your nutrition plan.
Lose the term diet entirely, it implies fad, and focus on creating a stable plan that you can follow. It must be practical, applicable to you, balanced, and it should include a variety of foods. Keep in mind that if you are training you MUST support the training with the right nutritional mindset. Seek help here. You will need it. There is too much confusion out there in the world about nutrition.  

Integrate outdoor activities.
Take advantage of the weather for sure. This will do wonders for you overall well-being. Be sure to include a variety of activities to keep the fun factor in place. Remember, exercise is different than an activity. Be sure and utilize both to stay balanced.

Be conscious with alcohol.
Notice I said conscious (I know people drink so these days I'm avoiding the "no alcohol" battle). Although alcohol has no place in a fitness plan let's be real about it. Limit your intake. Keep in mind 1 drunk outing sets your training back a minimum of 14 days. Is the juice worth the squeeze on that lemon drop? Try and limit yourself to 1 drink a day average if you do choose to drink. Read more on alcohol and fitness.   

Supplement smart.
Do you know the different types of supplements? Do you know how to time you supplements to support your fitness plan? Tap in. You will see the benefits if you are smart about it. Millions of Americans do it. Read more.

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