Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Make Your RESOLUTIONS Stick...

Some crazy stats...50% of us set new year resolutions and only 8% actually achieve them!

Here are some simple tips to help your resolutions stick:

1. Write down your goals if you want to be ultra successful. The tangibility of writing them down creates a level of internal accountability. Also, write down the reasons you created those resolutions. Make them visible. There is way to much information floating around to keep a clear head sometimes. Put them on the bathroom mirror maybe or some place you pass by often. Start your day looking at these goals.

2. Set SMART goals. Fitness goals are great but can be very general. Create action. Break your goals down to smaller, focused, manageable goals. Read more.

3. Create a support team that is congruent with your fitness resolutions. Hire a trainer, join bootcamp, or get help with your food intake. Seek balance in all you do. Be sure to let your family and friends know what is up to so they support you when needed (external motivation).

Are you gonna follow through?

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