Sunday, December 11, 2011

Establishing Fitness Goals

Step 1 in an effective fitness plan is to set some goals. Be clear, specific, and detailed about your goals. Keep in mind that goals can be amended. Make sure they are realistic and make them impacting and life-changing! There are a lot of self help books out there that promise to help you overcome most of these. Most are just fluff. What is holding you back?

7 Things That Hold People Back From Achieving Their Goals:

Most people never achieve success because:

1. They have yet to clearly identified what they TRULY want.
2. They have yet to create a compelling enough reason for overcoming the obstacles needed to achieve it.
3. They over or underestimate how close they are to their objective.
4. They have yet to look far enough down the road to identify what resources they are going to need.
5. They fail to recognize their progress and wind up frustrated and discouraged.
6. They need a real or compelling enough vision of the intended outcome.
7. They skip taking the first step or developing consistent action toward the goal.
That's it... the basis of virtually all failures to achieve any goal.

So, to put all of those in a positive frame:

1. Clearly define what you want. Develop your goal.
2. Create your why: have a compelling reason to push your agenda.
3. Stay close to your objective.
4. Identify all the resources you will need to achieve your goals.
5. Recognize your progress to avoid frustration and discouragement.
6. Have a real compelling vision of your intended outcome.
7. Create consistent action towards your goal.

Tips from the Top

1. Set realistic long term goals and attainable short term goals you can hit.
2. Create a support team to hold you accountable.
3. Collect images of what you desire. Make a dream board.
4. Use visualization and affirmations daily. Thoughts become things.
5. Have an attitude of gratitude. Be grateful each day.

You win by trying and failing…


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