Thursday, February 23, 2017

Game Changers...

Things are changing all the time. People evolve. Companies evolve. Markets shift. It is inevitable that things just change. How adaptable you can become will certainly be beneficial to you, but only as long as you can stay close to your mission(s) in life. In other words it is how high you bounce rather than how hard you fall.

Call it bounce-ability...
My mission at RHF is to change the game of fitness. We want to get people thinking differently about fitness. Intensity beats extensity. Period. Bursts of energy followed by short moments in self-reflection (rest) LOL. Do it again and again until you master it (look up the word palinoia-no nothing to do with Sarah Palin). Then pay it forward.
Changing the game is never easy. It is a bold view (and process) to go against the grain, to get people to see things in a different light while asking them to trust the process at the same time. Seemingly contradictory huh? This 2 step process requires the rare combo of foresight, and grit, or brains and brawn. Do you have this skill combo in your personal life? In business?
There are really 2 types of people "changing the game:" people busting ass doing it by themselves with minimal banter from the sidelines and people who are already in charge with the tools/resources and confidence to make it happen.
I can tell you this: fitness is one of those tools to help you get the most out of life. Use it correctly and you can make serious improvements in overall quality (being well) and in balancing your life (even cheat death for awhile LOL).
Do you have the tools? Are you on your way?
Are you a game changer?
Which one are you?
"Luctor et emergo"
Latin for "I struggle and emerge"

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