Tuesday, February 14, 2017

You: On a Fitness Comeback...

Shift your focus for a physical and mental overhaul...

You may pondering the workouts you may have missed out on over the past few months. You either missed them because you have been nursing an injury or because you need a mental overhaul and a shift in focus. A kick in the pants might do the trick too...

Remember your goals? You set them correct?

If you need a comeback strategy read on...This is both a physical and mental training process. So if you are injured or need to get over that mental hurdle of fitness here are a few tips to give you the edge:
  1. Stay positive. It is easy to get discouraged when you are attempting a comeback or a restart. Negative thoughts can unleash a cascade of chemicals in the body and interfere with the healing process and/or halt progression. Focus on the process. Keep the end result in mind and focus on progression no matter how hard it may be. Daily action is crucial to your success. Set a goal like "I will hit the gym 3 times this week."
  2. Use what you lose. If you are injured or inactive, "forced use" will get you back in the game fast. With forced use you are forcing neglected or injured muscles to begin working and regaining structure, therefore improving function.
  3. Take supplements. 200 million Americans are right, but there are too many beneficial supplements to go into for this message. Just keep in mind that if you are injured or just sedentary anti-inflammatory supplements can help speed recovery, improve performance, and maximize a higher quality of life. Read more.
  4. Embrace the discomfort of exercise. If you are willing to get through the mild to moderate discomfort (LOL) you will have a greater chance of success.
  5. Seek help. Whether it is a rehab specialist for an injury or a fitness pro (if you are just sedentary), help is available. Develop a supportive environment and your success will be within reach.
  6. Create a vision in the present. In your mind's eye live as though you have already reached your goals. Live as though your vision is true today. Thoughts become things and these things stem from how you feel. You get what you want most.

Commitment is only realistic after a firm decision has been made. Following up on that should be regular reminders and action steps, applying our decisions to the concrete circumstances and projects of everyday life, so that our decisions don't go the way of too many resolutions...

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