Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Train More...Diet Less

Releasing body fat is a huge motivator for many people. Often we miss the real action steps associated with such change, more on that later. Research supports the switch to an exercise-centric approach (or even active lifestyle). Staying active seems to be a better approach than restricting your calories. One recent study shows the mechanical stimulation of stem cells in people who engage in physical, high impact activities (running or even flag football) resulting in the development of lean tissue rather than fat. 

Why? The body recognizes the need for more muscle and bone to support the strenuous activities (specific adaptations to imposed demands). Basically, body tissues are converted to what they are needed for. Bottom line: focus on training and strenuous recreational activities over dieting to get leaner.

Here are 3 tips to help you focus on training like a champion:

1. Rest is a weapon. Rest is as important as the training itself (sleep and down time). Any training progress can be un-done with neglect for rest.

2. Be a specialist in variety. Huh? As a general fitness enthusiast focus on the bigger picture and avoid thinking one-dimensionally. You need to learn a variety of techniques and training styles to keep your body guessing and to avoid over-training. You need to build and maintain foundational strength while also learning flexibility/mobility which will keep you feeling decompressed. This is where RHF can help. 

3. Intensity over extensity. I know at RHF each training session might have some different sequences but the one concept that always remains high is the intensity. Train often like it is your last.

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