Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Deal…

Setting a goal is a private deal you make with yourself. You make a pact with someone, take a vow, make a promise, take a dare...whatever.

But a goal you actually plan to achieve is something different. It starts with desire, is secured by a commitment, and is advanced by action.

Sadly, failure to reach your goals, especially where fitness is concerned, is NOW a public deal. And it's worse when, months into the NOW YEAR you have average health, poor nutrition, no energy and more excuses than you can count.

What are you going to do?

Are you ready to make some serious changes?

Time is once again on your side.

A new year is here...

But what does that mean?

Find a workout partner?

Study success stories for inspiration?

None of the above will get you on your way without a plan and some serious focus. Pick up a pen and write down everything you want out of life. Put it on your mirror. Program it in your mind. Find your "why."
Toughen up to others comments. Down play your limiting beliefs and negative self talk (head trash). Get rid of words like "shouldn't", "can't", or "need to think about it more." Avoid paralysis by analysis. Avoid waiting to see if your friend is getting results. Write your goals without shame.

None of it, money, career, or the life advice will do a damn thing for you until you sit down quietly to make a deal with yourself; the kind you plan to close.
Treat yourself right every day of your life.....

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