Tuesday, February 28, 2017

6 Tips To Help You Find Some Balance In Your Life...

It is time to take action. I hope this helps. They can take a lifetime to master... 

1. Balance the 4 quadrants. Create harmony between health-wellness (focus on exercise and nutrition as a gateway), business (dream chasing), family and friends (create/maintain positive social relationships), and spirituality (sense of charity and gratefulness). The other focuses I mentioned earlier above will work to the forefront as you set the foundation.

2. Celebrate other people's success. You get what you give out. Plain and simple. Use that as inspiration and motivation for your dreams.

3. Learn every day. Learn from your mistakes. Learn from the mistakes of others. Apply all knowledge in a practical manner. This opens up your life to constant and never-ending improvement (CANI).

4. Let things go. Do your best. Put the energy in and then let it go. Becoming too attached to something (anything) will hinder your progress. The body wants balance. It commands it. Also, never rest on your laurels. As they say: "don't plant the seed then sit on top of it to protect it, you will keep it from growing."

5. Do what you DO NOT feel like doing. Master your emotions to master yourself. Do the right thing. The voice in your head telling you to skip the workout...slap him (or her LOL) and go anyways. You get way more out of it then what you put in. Check out RHF Burn30 Boot Camp (in Anchorage, AK).

6. Never limit yourself. Keep pushing the vision of what you see yourself being. Never be defined by what other people say you are. Never let fear control you.

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