Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Delicate Balance…

I hate the comfort of old habits and how hard it is to break out of a rut sometimes. I am amazed that for many people simply knowing a lot (never enough) about fitness provides little motivation to change that out-of-shape behavior. It is only how a person ends up feeling that really moves them to "finally doing something about it.

When an unbalanced life goes on for too long, when the sluggishness and soft belly begins to weigh on us; we act often impulsive in damage control mode.

Our choices really do determine our outcomes. For some, even feeling lousy for awhile proves to be an ineffective way for us to take action.

So, what's the trigger that ignites your behavior (Can you keep the flame going?)?

Maybe it's vanity because let's face it we all want to look better...

We also wanna feel better...

We want better stamina that often goes way too quickly...

Use it or lose it right?

Many people just get sick and tired of being sick and tired...

If you are in a rut (I know it's real) it takes guts to break out of it. All of us are prone to slacking and none of us are immune to getting into a rut. Phases can be mazes.

So, this year I'll be there when you feel you need to break out, and I'll hold it down when you need to spend another hour on the couch.

The balance lies when you put as much energy into fitness as you put into mediocrity (preferably more into fitness). Restore the balance in your life that is so delicate. When you are in complete balance, you are living healthy and well.

It is time to focus on balance and fitness is your tool to catapult you into balance.

Keep in mind in order to find good balance in your life you need to test the waters a little, ride the curb a little…fitness can give you that for sure without major risk.

You don't get everything you want; you get what you want most. Just being "busy" can keep you from doing important things.

Treat yourself right each and every day.....

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