Thursday, November 3, 2016

You Are The Warrior, Never The Worrier...

Many Americans are up in arms about the American Dream as we know it (the American frustration). I challenge you to fear nothing, especially now. Fear has an amazing effect on our decision making.
Fear can paralyze us.

Act with courage. Courage is the ability to overcome fear. You should face fear head on. I challenge you to push through the tough times with health and wellness being a top priority. You will never be able to truly help the needy if you are one of them.

Your conviction and optimism direct your decision making and you strike down fear. Having a warrior work ethic, you battle daily through seemingly difficult issues that upon hindsight are laughable. You are ethical and treat others will respect. You have fun and enjoy the process. You are accountable to yourself and to others. You define what it means to live well and with a purpose.

You are the warrior, never the worrier…

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