Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Build Belief With Effort...

Effort is something that often gets overlooked. Many people slip into the false truth of instant gratification (largely socially driven) and expect certain outcomes without TRUE effort. Nobody is immune to this, but it takes a mental reset to understand the power of EFFORT.

The kind of effort I am talking about here is the kind you bleed...

Effort builds belief in the very activities you spend your time in. Effort dictates longevity and long-term success. Put the time in with a true "why" and you will without a doubt become a stronger (and better) person.

Sure you can half-ass it in anything you do, but you CANNOT FAKE FIT. Half ass results come from half-ass efforts EVERY DAMN TIME.

The only variable here is your decision to commit to the process. 

Wherever you are COMMIT TO FIT.

No drama.

No excuses.

No victims.


Earn it.

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