Thursday, November 10, 2016

Produce More With Less...

Simplify your path to success. Release the stuff that is holding you back. It is a new era of less is more in all areas of life...

It may be time to cut and run. Start clearing some clutter. Eliminate the influx of stuff in your life. We are happier people when we have less baggage (any type), less junk, less clutter, less flab hanging off our bodies, and yes even less workouts (well shorter ones). Less seems to fulfill us more. The stuff we carry often just becomes a burden rather than a true pleasure. It is said what you own can own you. Never let it.  

Want proof? 

Look at your belly. Does it display the residual of all the holiday parties still from last holiday season (that was months ago), even after you jumped out of the gate (again) this last year? 

How does that make you feel? Are you sluggish? Are you the hare? We all carry the itch to make positive change in our lives. Scratch the itch. Relieve yourself.

What about that closet full of clothes you won't wear, some pieces you probably shouldn't? What about your daily life? Do you have sloppy work habits that suck your time away? Do you have relationships that appear to be stagnant? What about burdens you take on that seem sensible and well intentioned at the time? You know those ones that eat up your psyche. 

You feel me yah? You know...stuff.

Redefining yourself can often be a daunting process. We all wanna help people deep down. It is often hard to help the needy if you are one of them (one of the wisest sayings I have ever heard). You must master the mental game to redefine yourself and move toward a more balanced life.  

The challenge to gain the mental edge can be as elusive as executing many of those resolutions you set last January. Remember those? The fitness industry is challenged heavily with providing more mental support and coaching in an effort to complement your commitment to training and nutrition 

(I try to avoid the word diet, it emphasizes fad or trend or a temporary interest).  

Great advice must be coupled with real support to help people make life-long transitions. You can rewrite your life, I assure you. Find the right support.

If you truly want to take your game to the next level fix the flaws in the flow of your values...

Another piece of good advice...
If you do this LOL, skip driving your $60,000 car to the drive thru to get a $1 crapburger only to set you up for a $250,000 (maybe more) heart attack later in life. You feel me?

Never give up on your body. Be disciplined. Never cheat the system looking for a quick fix (we call this borrowing from the future).

Yes there can be quick results from quick starts and proper focus with the right support :)

Finish something this year.

Clean the slate in your head, around your office, around your home, and even in your workouts. You will lift a huge load off of your head and your heart. Get out of your own way. Start or reset today.  

Fitness is your foundation to a balanced life.

Remember, less is more even with those grueling sweat sessions...

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