Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Other Side Of RHF...We Are More Than Muscle

A Perspective on Training, Coaching, Expectations, Tackling Fear, and Smarter Workouts...

We are more than muscle. We say this quite a bit at RHF...

Yah, we want you strong, conditioned, functional, and ready for a fricken tough world out there. We all know it is tough out there. This is one main reason we train (or should).

But, I have to tell you there is another side, another thought process, another perspective.

In this article we will touch on training vs. coaching, expectations-should we have them?, more on tackling fear (touched on this in the past), and smarter workouts (you should look into these if your workouts need an upgrade). 

Training vs. coaching... 

Unless you knew any better you might think training and coaching are the same thing. They are far from the same. There's a big difference between training and coaching. Training is teaching someone how to do something a certain way (how to squat properly is a simple example).

Coaching is much more...

While you train people you also have to teach them to unleash their inner desire (light the fire) which creates intrinsic motivation. This is not easy, especially with fitness and the many distractions in today's world (80% of the world fails miserably at meeting basic exercise recommendations...crazy), but once you engage someone with proper coaching the sky is the limit.

Once they get it they often keep their own fire burning after we light the match. They pay their experiences forward much quicker. They also take full responsibility for THEIR program. Fitness pros serve people best when they train them and then let them loose a little to see how they respond. If we set them up properly we create a better coaching path. Properly set is partially reached. 

The best program? The best program is the one you work at, the one you put true effort into. Read more on true effort. 

A little more on motivation... 

Motivation fuels fitness. Period. Why do some people struggle and other people seem to breeze through? Why are some people stuck to the couch after just a few sweat sessions while other people take the bull by the horns and run with it?

We know that action cures fear. We know that the work will teach you how to do it. Put the work in.

What really drives us to push through? 

Well, as with many answers I give people, it depends. It depends where your motivation comes from. Does it come from the inside or outside? Are you gratified? How quickly are you gratified? Instant gratification can serve you. So, keep reading to better understand this.

Working out to look better, release weight, improve general health, or even because you feel guilty are thought to come from the outside according to some sports psychologists. These motivators are considered tangible indicators and can give you some level of instant gratification which is needed, but more often than not short lived. These changes take time so they carry less instant gratification which can stump you at times.

On the other hand, internal (intrinsic) motivations, seemingly more intangible, bring a more immediate reward and come with a stronger, let's say shelf life, because of its "in the process" mental engagement. Things gradually become clearer when you have the internal drivers that keep you going. This is as basic as flipping the switch on your attitude during the workout or feeling accomplished because you completed an off-the-wall finisher move (a mental hurdle). These accomplishments bring instant rewards. People will change a behavior for the better if they can FEEL a reward now versus later. Therefore, FITNESS IS A FEELING. CAPTURE IT.

You can use both internal and external motivators to your advantage... 

Look, releasing weight, maintaining or improving fitness are all great reasons to workout. For a higher octane approach learn to enjoy your workouts. It will minimize guilt. You know that thought in your head that says you should be doing it versus I want to do it? This will leave you more inclined to keep your attendance optimal and for the right reasons too. Also, instead of counting sessions to drop 30 pounds activate the drivers that will allow you to pat yourself on the back after each and EVERY sweat session. You will soon find yourself looking forward to your sweat sessions. Enjoy and trust in the process. Activate the internal drivers. 

Should I expect certain outcomes when training? 

Tackling the mental game can be tough at times. Expectations can be poisonous. Never assume you can control all the variables life throws at you. Only expect to work hard and control you. How you train, what you eat, and a strong mental approach (those internal drivers) are all three important components for success on a fitness plan.

98% of elite athletes learn by trial and error. As a coach you just want to keep them in a constant state of learning. This is most effective by keeping the growth and development process simple. Maximize learning. Minimize expectations.

Often times people attempt to become somebody rather than accept who they are. Some of the most successful people that ever lived or are still alive (start reading autobiographies) live(d) their whole life as a function of how much pain they can endure. Seems kind of weird huh? It is true for many people.

What are you willing to go through to be better?

Want to be fearless? Handle fear while pushing forward on your fitness plan... 

Understand the context of your training, its purpose, and meet it with no resistance. When you doubt you often go without. Understand those voices in your head are just arbitrary thoughts that are driven from your state of mind. They never mean anything. They are a direct function of your mood and that is all.

Read more on fear.

Look into smarter workouts... 

Let your sweat sessions serve you. Your workouts give you so much than you can ever give them. Be sure that how you train fits your lifestyle and your goals. There has to be a match in order to achieve long term success. Check out metabolic training.  

The bigger picture... 

You end up with a lot of success by focusing on the small things that are often overlooked in any process. For maximum effectiveness do the small things (daily action) all the time. One change a week is 52 changes a year! As mentioned above maximize learning with no resistance and minimize expectations. And remember as always, action cures fear. 

Now get at it... 

We are more than muscle...

Tips to enhance a champion...

Train Outside The Box.
Find a baseline method for your lifestyle, but do include a variety of methods to beat the boredom and to fight off overtraining and overuse. Consider fusing methods like metabolic training, boxing, and Pilates to name a few.

The type of training you do will dictate your nutrition plan. Consider proper supplementation to fill in the gaps especially when the days are long with work and training. 

Mental Preparation & Motivation.
Your plain and simple mantra is to be better. Improve yourself in all areas of life. Be a better version of yesterday. Outperform your past self and help other people do the same. Live well.

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