Monday, November 14, 2016

Success And Failure Are In Your Mind...Understand Fear To Make Success Happen

The obstacles holding you back are in your mind. Great people share the attribute of learning how to fail. Success is learning how to fail; learning how to rise to the top in spite of potential obstacles. The average person seems to think successful people get to the top because of "luck." Luck is when preparation collides with opportunity (you probably heard that before I hope LOL). Successful people use failure as a stepping stone (motivator) to a bigger achievement. In other words, they embrace failure rather than letting fear stifle them.

With that being said, failure is never a goal. Although you need failure, never welcome it or seek it. Successful people still hate to fail. Learn to lessen the impact rather than dread the consequences. It is a maturing process brought on by what is known as exposure therapy; exposing yourself to your fears until you dissipate them. You become better by directly tackling your fears.

You need an approach that allows you to power through any BS that gets in your way. Navigate through failure (without fear) and directly into goals.

More on fear...

Fear is a physiological reaction that slows perceived risky behavior. Whether it is joining boot camp, changing your diet, or giving yourself a mental overhaul your brain reacts the same. Fear is also a learned behavior which means mild fear-inducing situations can trigger past moments of more fearful situations. When a challenge (or problem) arises our brain can easily prevent us from taking risks, halting opportunities to put ourselves in successful situations. We essentially sabotage our success do to the mismanagement of fear. This is a survival instinct none-the-less. You are half hard wired to think you have something to lose if you take a chance. If you fail you assume the worst.

Fear holds us back because we value the worst possible outcome over potential gains. In other words, avoiding failure weighs heavier than tasting success. Switching this fear response requires you to process information differently so fearful situations can be viewed as opportunities rather than risks. By perceiving decisions as chances for success, the right side of your brain is activated in ways that mimic euphoria. So instead of running from opportunity, you move towards it.

The worst possible outcome? You fail and no one notices. Sounds pretty good huh? These days nobody has the time to check up on you. Sorry to burst your bubble. People think less about you than you think they do.  Nobody wants to dwell on your mishaps, the failure of your own expectations. Heck, no one wants to dwell on failures period. Use this concept to empower you!

Ask yourself these questions:

Can you live with yourself knowing that you have failed?

If not, is it better to live with failure after attempting to taste success?

Or, is it better not trying at all and living with less than you want?

Is the juice worth the squeeze?

List all the upsides and drawbacks to decisions you make. If those decisions lead to a balanced life I'll bet the pros outweigh the cons.

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