Wednesday, May 8, 2019

What You Can Expect From a Fitness Program...

Have you ever pondered that there is a difference between exercise and training? Training is much more formal, requires a stronger commitment, and is by far way more effective. Training involves programming!

I want you to think about that as you search for improvement in your life...

What you can expect by going through a RHF fitness program:
  • We will train you...we will teach you how to exercise metabolically...the RHF META Method
  • We will coach you...we know a motivated mindset is a must so we include it in the program
We will hold you accountable...action creates results

RHF will personally:
  • Assess your current fitness level and lifestyle
  • Prescribe changes to your current state
  • Monitor and execute the prescribed changes

RHF will teach you how to: (if willing to apply)
  • Get active. We meet you where you are and progress from there.
  • Structure your exercise program for maximum participation, effectiveness, and efficiency.
  • Compress your weekly training schedule for maximum productivity (train more effectively in less time).
  • Train consistently even if you are traveling, unmotivated, injured, or just busy.
  • Use fitness as a tool to build wellness into your life (without taking it over).
  • Maintain an active lifestyle for a lifetime.
  • Eat better for improved performance and wellness without dieting.
  • Overcome nutrition confusion and conflicting advice.
  • Adopt important strategies for nutrition, sleep, stress management, and well-being.
  • Overcome challenging situations and common obstacles in your fitness/wellness quest.
  • Set appropriate and achievable goals and create the right conditions for fitness success.
  • Achieve and maintain your fitness/wellness goals even when life gets busy (and it will).
How you can benefit from a RHF fitness program:

Expected results if you take the bull by the horns and spend the optimal amount of time in the program...
  • Get to an ideal body weight and body composition.
  • Build physical strength. Become muscle smart and muscle tough.
  • Build fitness IQ (physical and mental toughness) to combat a crazy and often unpredictable world.
  • Get off the fitness roller coaster once and for all and never look back. Train in the NOW.
  • Become a calorie burning machine.
  • Maximize loss of belly fat.
  • Build amazing endurance.
  • Activate more muscle for accelerated growth.
  • Gain mental confidence so you can show off your gifts and talents.  And more...


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