Tuesday, April 30, 2019

More Tips To Reboot This Spring...

Be well-rounded in setting fitness goals. Think about your health and wellness as well. Ask yourself these questions:

What does a renewed commitment to wellness and fitness actually look like in the context of my challenging and unique life? How can I get a little bit better (forget all-or-nothing)?

Celebrate your wins. Pick 2 or 3 accomplishments that really stand out and take the time to celebrate them in a healthy way. Even small progress is a good thing!

The separation is in the preparation. Have a secondary plan in place in case things go wrong. Anticipate challenges and road blocks that may interfere with your plan.

Start with small victories. One change a week is 52 changes a year. What is one thing this week (process goal) that you can focus on to move you closer to your end goals? Maybe you can research meal planning ideas or get your workout playlists in order.

Find inspiration in the victories of other people. RHF clients have plenty of amazing stories about their fitness journeys (stay tuned for more info).

Want help becoming a better, stronger, tougher, and fitter you?

Most people know what to do. They know that regular exercise, good nutrition, proper sleep/rest, and stress management are pillars to being a better version of you. I know that many people need help applying all that knowledge while leading a busy and stressful life. This is where RHF comes in.

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