Thursday, October 24, 2019

A Simple Fitness Concept to Catapult You...

I get asked a lot about the secrets to longevity in fitness in pursuit of quality of life.

(I have been doing this steadily and successfully for 24 years).

There are plenty of fit formulas out there and plenty of talent in the industry to help you. Whether you hear it from me or hear it from a fellow fitness fanatic you need to hear it (again). We often need reminders nothing more.

It comes down to one word...


Consistency in how you move. You have as much energy as you use.

Consistency in what (and when) you consume. Your biology is your biography.

Consistency in how you recover from workouts. Recovery catapults future workouts.

Master these ACTIONS and you will be fitter and live a high quality of life.

We all desire quality of life.

Just make sure you put yourself in a position to deserve it by acting on your desire.

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