Monday, January 13, 2020

Hit A Wall?

It happens to everyone now and then.

We get paralyzed by the hamster wheel of life...

We love to maximize pleasure, avoid pain, and conserve energy as we move along. When we get stuck it can be demoralizing. Make the wrong move and we sink further into the chaos we are attempting to avoid.

A wall separates...

I think when we get stuck or hit a wall we should be reminded that success is hard and we should be be thankful it is because it allows the cream to rise to the top (you are the cream). Working through difficulties pressure tests us and really does separate us from the pack. Less people actually work through difficulties (without kicking and screaming) leaving more for the rest of us on the other side of mediocrity.

Get over that wall...

Many people fall at the wall, at the site of a difficult challenge. The reality is the more walls you hit and climb over the further you separate yourself from the pack, the mediocre, the lazy, the pretenders, the wannabes, the weak, and of course your old self. Evolve or decay right?

Practicing stoicism will benefit you greatly...

Next time you see some challenges on the horizon that you know you have to deal with just make the leap without complaint. You will be better for it. Everything you want is on the other side of fear anyways.

I hope this helps.


I hate to sound harsh but we are not entitled to good health, abundance, happiness, nor good relationships. We have to earn that stuff. "That stuff" is on the other side of massive action...

Set some goals and smash em'.

Anyone holding you accountable?

Need help setting 2020 fitness goals?

I can help!

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  1. You gotta keep pushing forward, start with one small step and use that as momentum.