Monday, January 20, 2020


We all can get a little swampy sometimes, letting things pool (never flowing out) in our lives leaving no room for freshness or growth...

In order to capture that freshness we must seek proper counsel, accept criticism from others, and we must create an accountability team. Without such a team stagnation will linger in your life.

Let me ask you this...

Do you think about fitness like you did 2 years ago?

Still running the tired excuses about what you should have done in 2019?

How about your nutrition? Are you stuck doing diets only to fail and lose 30 days rather than release 30 pounds?

You need fresh ideas, fresh workouts, and you certainly need fresh goals, along with fresh food meal plans (performance enhancing). You need new inspirations. You should flow this stuff through you. You will gain so much while actually releasing those unwanted pounds of body fat. Besides no one likes to lose anything. If someone loses something they are likely to go looking for it.

Need help setting 2020 fitness goals?

I can help!

Reach out!

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