Tuesday, May 11, 2021

All Reps Matter...

I have frequent conversations with fitness enthusiasts about "weight loss" or "losing weight."

Although a hot topic and over a 50 billion a year industry, many people still struggle with being overweight (over-fat).

It is estimated that 2 out of 3 people are overweight in the US.

Change your thoughts and change the game...

No one likes to lose. If you lose something you are likely to go looking for it, especially your bad habits.

As a start, try saying "release weight.” This simple change in thought will do wonders for your habitual nature of getting fixated on weight. You should also focus on actions such as exercise.

Think of weight and you may simply get more weight.

Focus on adding exercise to your action plan and you get more abundance in the things exercise elicits (too long of a list for here). Endorphin kicking workouts are a good start to that long list.

Language matters. Internal dialogue matters. All reps matter.

For 17 plus years I have been helping literally thousands of people get fit, infusing fitness into a lifestyle without the increased risk of injury (a big reason why people never even start).

I can help you.

Are you ready?

Need help setting fitness goals?

Reach out!



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