Thursday, April 25, 2019

Rejuvenate and Reboot This Spring ...

Spring is in the air. This is a great time to briefly reflect on your first quarter progress? How are you doing?  

Did you set measurable and achievable goals with a weekly action plan? Chances are you may have slipped a bit...

No worries! Life can get messy. 

You must prepare for minor setbacks. It is time to reset, reboot, and rejuvenate!

Here are 10 real-world strategies to reboot your fitness plan this spring... 

Because the typical all-or-nothing thinking rarely gets you all. It usually gets you nothing....

1. Check in with yourself every day. A daily assessment can keep you on track. Keep it short and be real about it. There is real power in being in the NOW.
2. Eat a well-balanced breakfast. This will get you off to a good start. When you start good you will most likely end good.

3. Get excited about lunch. Get creative and make a healthy lunch that you will really enjoy. Keep it balanced to avoid a 3pm slump!
4. Prepare a bit ahead for dinner. This will help you avoid impulsiveness if you have to work late. We all know what impulsiveness can lead to.
5. Eat sitting down at the table. There is great benefit in slowing down, tasting, and enjoying your food.
6. Exercise intensely (mostly) whenever, wherever, and however possible.
30 minutes a day is a good goal to shoot for. 30 minutes is 3% of your waking day.  

Remember, high intensity training may not include high impact moves. Get some help with this.
7. Aim for maybe 10% better instead of "perfect." It is about gradual and continuous improvement rather than trying to be perfect (this will drive you crazy). You cannot create a perfect future (unless you have some special power no one knows about), but you can create progress in the present.
8. Create outside support connections to help you achieve success. These are typically people outside the gym that can help give you those mental pushes you need at times.
9. Create accountability in a program rather than just a class; essentially the difference between training (proper progressions) and exercising (maintenance). This is where a fitness pro comes in. A good program will have built in accountability to drive you towards your goals by holding you accountable to your weekly action plan (process goal) and your end goals. This is exactly what we do at RHF. 

If you train in a group format (Burn30 Bootcamp) then you will have both support (internal) and extra accountability from the attendees as well.

10. Create consistency. This is one of the biggest concepts that you need to grasp. You need consistency to create new healthy habits. Habits (actions) are what ultimately define your outcomes and success.  

Show up each day and do what you can do. Avoid jumping ahead. This is not a race. It is your new life.

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