Sunday, September 16, 2018

Take The Hard Way Out...

Are you in to taking the easy way out? So many people struggle with fitness because they have a tough time figuring out how to self-navigate through the discomfort of putting their body in challenging and often uncomfortable situations. Athletes know all about this. What makes them different than you?   

Well, here are several things you can do to mimic/model the success of the elite athlete:

Get clear on your weekly actions. Your end goals should be broken down into weekly actions (process goals) so that you have something to shoot for each week. If you can track it you can improve it (and edit it).

You have to chase the work. So many people look for the path of least resistance. No matter your age or your ailments you can find ways to challenge your body each week. High intensity is not the same as high impact. Get your heart rate up above 70% max heart rate when you exercise! The higher the heart rate the shorter the duration; you get to workout for less time-my gift to you!

Embrace simplicity. Simple is not the same as easy. Many people struggle trying to over-complicate a fitness strategy and end up frustrated and are more likely to quit altogether because of confusion. A fitness pro can help you here.

Be bold. To be bold means to be confident in risk. Proper analysis of your fitness program can help keep your confidence high. A fitness consultation can save you a ton of time on potential setbacks. Let a fitness pro help you here too.

Find the cross section between what matters and what you can control.  What you focus on expands. Ask yourself why you want to work out in the first place. With a strong why in place the how will show itself to you.

Try going against the grain. Try taking the hard way out, the path of most resistance, the path that will make you a better person, the same path that will allow you to help other people be better. Pressure makes diamonds.

Our Focus...

Rock Hard Fitness specializes in 30 minute metabolic, high intensity, full-body workouts. These workouts (Burn30 Bootcamp) are designed to torch fat, maintain joint integrity, and are transferable to real life. They are fast, fun, and functional. We say burn, ouch, done.
We also offer semi-personal training, fitness consultations, body analyses, and team sport training.

Our programming includes training, coaching, and accountability. Rocky Reeves, MS is the owner/operator of Rock Hard Fitness (RHF) in Anchorage, Alaska. Rocky has taught well over 15,000 boot camp classes in the last 13 plus years and his client list is in the thousands.
Rock is a fitness pro to high-achieving fitness enthusiasts…

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