Thursday, July 19, 2018

Battling The Dog Days Of Summer...

The Dog Days of is real


The term dates back to at least the ancient Romans according to one source I found, who noticed that Sirius (Orion's Dog) rose with the sun from July 3 to Aug. 11.

(See Homer's Illiad...yes back to school)

It is associated with summer lag, and even disaster for some (think distraction).

Gyms all over the nation suffer when the weather is nice and summer is in full tilt because attendance can be way down.

I am constantly making it a point about commitment to an obligation. One obligation you have to yourself is to exercise each week. Correct?

Whether it be 2 sessions a week or 3-4 sessions a week it is vital that you hit your averages if you want to stay on track with your process goals (action based).

If you are injured or traveling try this:
  • Scale down your workouts. Less is more often times (less time, more density)
  • Connect to the RHF Road Warrior Workout System (quick, turnkey, no equipment)

Here are some strategies for you to look at to combat the Dog Days of Summer aka The Summer Fitness Slump:

  • Scale down your workout schedule frequency. If having trouble hitting 3 Burn30's go for 2 a week and set up 2-4 other workouts on own.
  • Schedule all or most of your sweat sessions on Sunday to set your intentions for the week.
  • Take another peak at your process goals (weekly actions). Are you on track (every single one of you filled out a goal sheet)?
  • Work with compressed productivity: increase the density of your workouts (built into your Burn30's) and/or do a double twice a week.

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