Monday, October 8, 2018

100% Chance of Sweat...

Hard working people are no strangers to sweat. While some people run from hard work the fitness enthusiast runs to hit. Over the years I have developed a personal philosophy that your fitness training needs to match your lifestyle. If you work intermittently then train that way. If you are in it for the long haul then your training needs to include much work at longer durations. One thing is for sure is that there is a 100% chance of sweat. Sweat is the by-product of commitment and good things come to those who sweat!

Some of the biggest mistakes I see with people trying to stay on the fitness train are:
  • Unclear goals and weekly actions
  • Unclear nutritional approach that fits goals and current lifestyle
  • Lack of support and accountability

Here are a few ideas you should consider to stay on top of your game:
  • Dial in your time management. We all have busy schedules. Shorten up your workouts so you can get them in without added stress. Shorter workouts can be both efficient and effective if done properly.
  • Be a minimalist. All you really need is your body to get great, functional workouts in.
  • Change the focus. Work on range of motion, activation, and movement prep (RAMP) to help decompress the joints and backside which often goes overlooked.
  • Clean fuel equals clean body. What you eat matters. When you eat also matters.
  • Clear head, full heart leads to victory. We all need a willingness to evolve. In order to evolve you sometimes have to discard ideas and concepts that are not working. It is hard to fill a full cup. Look for the 1% gain each week. It compounds quickly.

Remember, if you are putting in the work there is a 100% chance of sweat...

Also keep this in mind...

It is about progress not perfection. You have to make it fun. It is recess not detention...

Our Focus...

Rock Hard Fitness specializes in 30 minute metabolic, high intensity, full-body workouts. These workouts (Burn30 Bootcamp) are designed to torch fat, maintain joint integrity, and are transferable to real life. They are fast, fun, and functional. We say burn, ouch, done. We also offer semi-personal training, fitness consultations, body analyses, and team sport training.

Our programming includes training, coaching, and accountability. Rocky Reeves, MS is the owner/operator of Rock Hard Fitness (RHF) in Anchorage, Alaska. Rocky has taught well over 15,000 boot camp classes in the last 13 plus years and his client list is in the thousands.
Rock is a fitness pro to high-achieving fitness enthusiasts…

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