Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Reclaim Your Fitness And Your Joy…

I hear it all the time "I need to get back to my fitness routine...”
We all go through major changes or even losses in life. We often deal with many residual effects of life's circumstances such as depression and grief. These circumstances most often hide as something out of our control. The common casualties are your workout regimen and your soft body. I have to tell you the truth.
There is no doubt change can be debilitating, but it can also mean great opportunity. The death of a loved one, the loss of a job, or a breakup can send you deep into depression, so deep nothing else matters. Eating wrong, skipping sleep and certainly skipping your workout can also set you up for major problems. Even worse, you lose your fitness way faster than the time it took you to gain it (use it or lose it). Change can kick your butt and it can also make you soft and fat or you can take the high road and view the opportunity ahead
Fitness is a feeling; to get started again (or refocused) do just enough to feel good, and then retain that feeling. Remember how good working out makes you feel rather than how good it makes you look. Looks are secondary. Use the positive emotions you get from a good sweat session to catapult you forward, to continue the fitness journey that will take you through life’s tough times.
There is nothing wrong with working out for vanity, but we also workout because we like the way it makes us feel; confident, gratified, invigorated, strong, happy, or ready. These feelings will send you back to the gym more than once I promise. It will be far from just a routine. It will be vital to your lifestyle and vital to your joy.
Life will knock you down, probably more than once. But how long you stay down is up to you. What is your bounce-ability threshold? Crisis and opportunity mean the same thing is Asian culture. Take control of what is yours; your joy, your happiness. Never leave that up to someone else. People may often disappoint you if you let them. You have control over your life, your happiness, and your joy. Take it, it is yours and use fitness as the glue.

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