Monday, April 17, 2017

Clear The Clutter This Spring…

Get your life organized this coming season…
There is more to de-cluttering (cleaning) than tossing out the garbage. Your mind could use clearing up, maybe your relationships, too. Try to approach them as you would approach going to exercise. You have to have goals and a clear plan to reach them. Bring that same discipline to other areas of your life and you will feel balanced, have a greater sense of well-being, become laser focused, and definitely be more grounded. Seek progress rather than perfection.
De-cluttering your body…cleanse
1. Drink some fresh lemon. In the morning, squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a glass of water and throw in back. Lemon stimulates your gallbladder (an organ that produces bile, which breaks down fat). Try it for 14 days.
2. Cook with garlic and parsley. Mince one large clove of garlic. This brings out the most allicin, a compound that can help remove heavy metals from the body. Combine it with three sprigs of diced fresh parsley, a detoxifying herb that also help to neutralize the smell of garlic. Sprinkle the mixture over a salad or pasta dish. It is safe to do this every day.
3. Pop a milk thistle capsule. This is a very safe herb that promotes liver detoxification. This is especially helpful if you had an over-indulging weekend (alcohol and bad food). You can buy it in supplement form. Always follow the dosage instructions on the bottle. Consider the Isagenix® 30 Day Cleansing & Fat Burning System (contact RHF for details).
De-cluttering your mind…

1. Unplug (offline) for 15 minutes daily minimum; schedule time for peace of mind. You will be more grounded, and you will have a stronger sense of purpose. Try practicing meditation and mindfulness. Try turning off the radio and phone now and then when you are driving and use the time to decompress and reflect.
2. Quit multitasking. Juggling multiple tasks at once ultimately dilutes your attention. Be where you are. If you are working out, be there. If you are on the phone, be there. Avoid techno-ference. If you are at dinner with a friend, be there.
It is the single biggest tip for creating a balanced and focused life.
3. Set clear, tangible, and impacting life goals. This will ensure you are living with a purpose while being clear about it.

De-cluttering your relationships…

Get rid of toxic friends. There is one in every social circle; the person who always has negative or derogatory things to say about almost anything. Give the person a chance to work on it, but after you have asked three times, you are done.

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