Friday, July 13, 2012

It’s Addicting. Work Out with a Partner or Group for Fitness Success

Grab your burn buddy!

The buddy system will give you a huge advantage when it comes to fitness. Hitting the gym with a burn buddy for boot camp is a good idea. Here’s why:

1. Increased motivation. Your friend is counting on you. You are less likely to ditch a friend for that sweat session after work with some lame ass excuse like “oh I forgot.” After 3-4 weeks you will be off and rolling. Nothing will stop you (both of you).

2. Fitness will be fun. In case you forgot burpies until you puke and treadmill sprints are the least exciting ways to “pass time.” You can still be active in a competitive game of basket ball or soccer, but if you do decide in “death by burpies” you know you got your wingman with you to ingest the torture. Maybe play follow the leader in the gym and take turns leading. Changing up your workout often is good for the body (it responds better).

3. You will up your intensity. Having a partner will drive up your intensity. Who wants to be the last one done or the weakest in the group? There is something magical about knowing someone else is enduring the “pain” alongside you. Intensity is in the driver’s seat (over duration). Working out with the right intensity (at the right times) will impact you greatly and you both (or a group of you) will get results quicker (assuming you follow all the instructions you are given). Your athletic abilities should be similar so the push to continue is constant and progressive.
4. You can afford a trainer now. Sharing a lunch is cheaper than buying one for yourself. The same math applies when it comes to a hiring a trainer. Rock Hard Fitness (RHF) Studio Boot Camp already has inherent discounts built into its group exercise format, signing up with a buddy or group compounds those savings even more. The major benefit is that you get a trainer to hold you accountable and make sure that you are maximizing your time (and working out correctly for your skill l level). RHF Studio Boot Camp workouts can be as low as $4 each versus $80 for one personal training session!
5. You will always have help and guidance. You can spend a ton of time through the learning curve trying to cram a workout plan together on a daily basis. Good luck. Even the best trainers in the world are constantly evolving how they plan their routines. Cut out the worry and let someone with the focus and the “know how” plan your sweat sessions out. All you got to do is show up ready to work!

6. Your friends will be thinner. Without being nasty or shallow here-having thin friends benefits you big time. Harvard researchers found that you can “catch” obesity just like any other bad habit like smoking or a good habit like happiness. Obesity can spread like an infectious disease. The experts found that a person's risk of becoming obese rises by two percent for every five obese social contacts they have. Surround yourself by people who are active and eat well. You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most.
There you have it. You gotta burn to earn. Get your burn buddy and get moving!
Written by Rocky Reeves, MS, owner Rock Hard Fitness (Anchorage, AK). Rocky has worked with thousands of people in Anchorage and has taught over 10,000 boot camp classes. He uses metabolic training as a preferred method at RHF. RHF is home of the 30 minute boot camp.
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