Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Boot Camp or Bust?

What are my fitness options?

If you’re unsure about RHF Burn30 Bootcamp you have other options...

1. Engage in Semi Private Training: As an experienced fitness pro I can assure you that personal training (semi-private) works (assuming you and the trainer are a match). If you would prefer semi-private training it is available to you. Please let me know I’ll be happy to help you. Do keep in mind that it is 4-6 times the cost of RHF Burn30 Bootcamp, and you never get the same external support that you get from group environments. Group environments create instant accountability. In boot camp you make new friends (Burn Buddies) so it requires less initial will power and internal motivation. Group environments create massive energy.

2. Join a Traditional Gym (not recommended):
Here you are basically leasing equipment with zero accountability (most likely). Recent statistics state that as high as 75% of gym members attend once or twice a month! If you skip out you miss all the benefits. If you do attend, how do you know if you are maximizing your time? Are you doing the right exercises? Are you using effective principles for proper growth and function? Are your progressions transferable to the real world? These are just a few things to consider.

Attempt a “Diet:” Dieting fails in the long term. Your goals should be to balance a sensible exercise and nutrition plan that allows you to learn a lifelong set of skills (skill sets). With restrictive dieting you deprive your body of many essential nutrients. You can “lose” some weight in the short term by strictly limiting your caloric intake, but you will find it again and it is harmful to your body to continuously “diet.” Dieting will also stunt your physical performance and cause your body to go into “protection mode” (metabolic drop) because it fears starvation which in turn may make you fatter (skinny fat). The goal is to decrease body fat right?

Be the Lone Ranger: Only a few people can be successful with a self-monitored fitness plan. If you have strong will and intense self-discipline, you can make this work for you. Your results though will be in direct proportion to your knowledge base; results will probably come less quickly because of the learning curve. Keep in mind you will need to buy some equipment, schedule time and REALLY commit to following through without any outside support or accountability. Even the best athletes in the world have trainers and coaches (hint).

5. Stay Stuck Right Where You Are:
You want to be fit right? You can maintain your status as is and keep getting much of the same. A wise person said once: “If you always do what you are always taught you will always get what you always got.” Again, you want to be fit right? You do want change right? If you are satisfied with what you’ve achieved thus far, chances are you would never be reading this right now. If you choose to do nothing at all it is the absolute worst choice of all. I hope you choose a better path than this one.


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