Monday, March 7, 2011

Getting You To Your Ideal Weight and Body Composition

There is no mystery to releasing weight.  People who do it successfully just figure out what works for them, and they stick to it.  Nobody knows that better than the researchers at the National Weight Control Registry, a group that tracks the successes and failures associated with long-term weight loss.  (Find them online at ). The group has monitored more than 6,000 men and women since 1994 and has learned that if you want to lose weight-and keep it off- you need to adopt these six habits.
Do breakfast always: Never skip to save calories. It is a mistake.  A healthy breakfast gets your fat-burning engine started.  If you skip meals you are more likely to over-indulge later in the day
Cooking is a mainstay habit: Never slave over the stove.  Just start preparing your meals in advance and separate your portions for later meals.  
Inspiration will propel you: Most people (80%) can recall a point in their life that triggered their desire to release weight (bigger pair of pants, purchasing two seats on an airplane, being warned by a doctor). Whatever your rock-bottom moment becomes, keep it fresh in your memory and use it to stoke your motivation when you want to skip training.
Record your favorite shows:  Mindless flipping leads to mindless watching.  The average American watches 28 hours of television every week.  Use this time to get active. Record your favorite programs, cut out the crap, and get to the gym!
Balance nutrition and workout:  90% of fitness successful do both in balance. Snack on more veggies, avoid sweets, and stop missing your workouts.
Know your numbers:  You have to change the way you live.  That means monitoring everything from calories to your weight. Use these measurements as markers for your success.
Embrace this mantra: Work hard and you will be the talk of the town. Then pay it forward.

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