Monday, March 7, 2011

5 Secrets to Surviving the Office Lunch

This was never meant to take anything away from the popularity of corporate lunches and the power of networking and using luncheons to close deals. Eating out with co-workers can also help one survive the office politics. The true problem is when one fails draw the line when trying to find congruence in his/her fitness program.

Here are some tips:

Always eat breakfast. Never skip breakfast and become impulsive or compulsive at lunch because you are starving. You will set yourself up for major failure here. 80% of fit people eat breakfast and 80% of people that need to release weight skip breakfast. Make a habit of it. Eat items (choose organic when you can) like eggs, peanut butter, oatmeal, berries, and pineapple (or any other fruit for that matter).

Strategize your meals.
People are overly impulsive when they are distracted or rushed. If you are doing business it can also be a distraction. A good rule is to know what is on the menu before you go. Call ahead of time or have them fax the menu over.

Start with bulk.
Salads should always be eaten first (especially at buffets). They contain minimal calories and will give you good nutrition and help to prevent you from overeating. Watch the dressing (get it on the side).

Minimize liquid calories.
Brains triggers make it hard to know how many calories you might take in through liquids (especially carbohydrate based).Use unsweetened teas and water. Steer clear of diet beverages or artificial sweeteners. They contain neurotoxins and contribute to metabolic problems in the body which leads to disease.

Never Stuff Yourself:
If you are feeling stuffed, skip dessert. The processed sugar in most desserts can send your blood sugar crashing. Excessive amounts of sugar also deplete crucial B vitamins needed by the liver to detoxify the body.

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