Thursday, March 23, 2017

How To Lock And Load This Year...

How has your year been so far? Was it everything you expected and more? How is your fitness drive? We all need motivation now and then. 

Here are some tips to help you lock and load this year…

1. Draft a commitment contract.
Intrinsic motivation is crucial for long term success. External incentives can give a boost though. This idea is grounded in behavioral economics but can apply to anything you put your mind to. Try creating penalties for missing a sweat session (cash works great).

Try this...

Register your goal and credit card at If you miss your preset workout schedule then a charity of your choice gets a payday! Need an added incentive? Set it up for charity you dislike. Are you a hard core conservative? Set it up for a pay option to a liberal organization and vice versa. That will make yah sweat till yah bleed!

Another option...

Make friendly wagers among  co-workers! Everyone throws in $50 (or even more for added value). Whoever logs the most workouts in 3 months wins the pot! Group size should be 5-10 people (or more) for maximum effectiveness.

Each of these methods involves some level of a commitment contract.

2. Line Up Reinforcements. Pride affects your drive to workout. 80% of people are more likely to stick to a fitness plan if they have a partner (24 Hour Fitness study). Shared enthusiasm also makes you want to be more invested in that process. Sharing fitness success cements the idea that it is part of your core identity which will keep you on path! Find your burn buddies!

3. Make It Personal. To "each their own" is really at work here. Use can scare tactics to keep you on path if you have to but do keep your positive vision clear in your sight. Try many different fitness related activities until you find your baseline set point of fitness (you will want to continue cross training even after you get back into a rhythm). Find out what you enjoy and do it but mix it up too to break the monotony! When you like your workouts it makes it that much easier to invest in them.

Make it a great year!

Book to read this year
: Carrots and Sticks: Unlock the Power of Incentives to Get Things Done (Ayres)

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