Friday, October 21, 2011

Waging the Ongoing War Against Weakness...

I talk quite a bit about balance. Having taught over 10,000 fitness boot camp classes in 7 years I know what being out of balance feels like and I also know that searching for balance in life is a process (a lifelong one).

It comes down to this...

If you wanna be strong then you need to find balance in your life:

Body Strong...
Heart Strong...

Find Balance…

Physically (exercise, proper recovery)
Biologically (nutrition)
Fiscally (especially)

Deliberately create your reality, attract like-minded people, and also allow others to be great. The choices you make create you. Bold choices define you. Your work ethic defines you. You are where you are because you chose to be there. I know it sounds like deep, but you need to hear it.

We are RHF. We are waging the ongoing war against weakness.

Take charge. Seek balance. Create strength.


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